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  • How can I contact North Paw Dalmatians?
    We are able to be reached by Instagram, Facebook, Live Chat & Email
  • Is there a waitlist?
    We are always accepting new deposits for upcoming and future litters. In order to be on our waitlist, we require a deposit of $250. Deposits are non-refundable. Being on our waitlist will allow you to have first look at the litter, first notice of puppies birth, and will secure a spot for selection day.
  • How much is the deposit?
    Deposits are $250 and are non-refundable. This amount comes off the total amount of the puppy.
  • Does North Paw Dalmatians deliver puppies?
    Yes! In the past we have flown puppies to other provinces, met clients travelling from far distances halfway, and have delivered puppies right to clients homes. This delivery service is an additional cost.
  • What happens if I can't get puppy from the litter I requested?
    We understand that life can happen and there are many factors that can change you getting a puppy from the litter you requested. Our deposits are non-refundable but can be deferred to a future litter. We ask all clients to please keep us informed and advise us ASAP if something changes.
  • How big do Dalmatians get?
    Dalmatians are considered medium to large sized dogs. Dalmatians can vary in shape. The dalmatians we produce can be anywhere from 50-65 pounds. Female dalmatians tend to be smaller than male dalmatians.
  • Do I have to spay/neuter my dog?
    All of our puppies are sold on spay/neuter contracts. This means that when your puppy is of appropriate age, you are required to spay or neuter them. There are no exceptions to this contract.
  • Are Dalmatians good with kids?
    Our puppies are exposed and handled by children since the day that they are born. Dalmatians are playful, intelligent, active, gentle, and very social, which are great traits to have around kids! With proper care, socialization, and exercise dalmatians are very loyal to their families. We are thrilled when our puppies go to family homes with children as they are given such a great start in life!
  • Do Dalmatians shed?
    Dalmatians shed 365 days a year.
  • Will my Dalmatian get more spots?
    Yes! As dalmatians grow, there spots will become bigger and you may start to see more spots appearing. This is completely normal.
  • What kind of exercise do Dalmatians need?
    Dalmatians are high energy dogs. They require lots of stimulation and exercise. Dalmatians do best in active households where they can run, play, and burn energy daily.
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